About Us
Talent is ubiquitous, opportunity is not. We're changing that, in tech at least.
Our mission is to unlock the next generation of diverse, resilient and impact led leaders in the field of technology by propelling their careers with our tech talent accelerator.

We do this by tearing down barriers preventing high potential tech talent from accessing the best opportunities and flourishing in them. These barriers include; socio-economic disadvantages, lacking a pedigree degree, geographical factors, racial & gender biases, insufficient networks, lack of confidence and even difficulty understanding their own worth.

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Meet the Founders
They're creating a company they wished they had throughout their careers.
8+ years using markets for impact. Co-founder of disruptive political start up More United. Amateur aerial circus artist.
Previously: McKinsey, Oxford, LSE, INSEAD.
Geek at heart.
Previously: Cambridge, Scalized, HgCapital, DN

Meet our Advisors
Our advisors are working hard to encourage and include a more reflective and diverse kind of leadership in the tech sector.
Daniel is passionate about inspiring the next generation.
He regularly gives talks at universities about technical challenges in real world, as well as sharing his experiences of working in many tech hubs around the world, including Silicon Valley, Beijing, Boston, London, Seattle and Zurich.
He worked on NLP on massively-distributed with low-latency, and is shipping adversarial ML using Haskell. Daniel is currently a Software Engineer manager at Facebook.
Computer Science Professor at Cambridge University.
A Fellow @The Royal Society, @The ACM, @The British Computer Society, @The IEEE, @The Royal Academy of Engineering, @The Institute of Engineering and Technology and @The Alan Turing Institute of Data Science.
Jon is one of the masterminds behind the creation of Raspberry Pi, a $5 computer that enables teaching of basic computer science in underprivileged schools in developing countries.
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